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Other books

If you are looking for more reference or reading material, these are also good:

  • Bruce, Bruce, and Gedeck, Practical Statistics for Data Scientists. O’Reilley Publishers. code repository and link to the book

  • Logan, M. 2010. Biostatistical Design and Analysis Using R. Wiley-Blackwell. A fairly comprehensive book that covers how to use R to do many of the topics in Quinn and Keough.

  • Wickham, H. & G. Grolemund. 2016. R for Data Science. O’Reilly Publishers. (free web version) How to do many common data analysis tasks in R, specifically in the tidyverse.

  • Wickham, H. ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis, 2nd edition (free web version of the in-process 3rd edition) A more comprehensive reference to ggplot2 than the chapter of R for data science. Also see the documentation.

  • Wilke, Claus O. Fundamentals of Data Visualization.. O’Reilly Publishers. (free web version) How to think about visualization (with source code for plots available!).

  • Haddock, S. and C. Dunn. 2011. Practical Computing for Biologists. Sinauer and Associates.

Miscellaneous R tips



  • Strongly recommended global configuration: Never save or restore .RData output not inline

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Probability and statistics